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MUST Safety Awareness Training

MUST Safety Awareness Training

Please check the MUST website at to see how many modules you have. Members are reminded to get your modules and keep them up to date. It could mean the difference of being sent to work or not.

You can schedule an appointment to take your modules at our training schools by calling (734) 729-7005 or (517) 625-4919 or by website at

If you are not able to go to the Training Center for MUST Safety Modules contact the Local so arrangements can be made to take them at home or at our office.

Also check out the training classes available to you at no cost.

Job Opportunities

CA Hull accepting applications, apply online by cliking here 

Ram Construction Services accepting applications, apply online by clicking here

Sanches Construction Company accepting applications, apply online by clicking here

Z Contractors accepting applications, apply online by clicking here

Ajax Paving accepting applications, apply online by clicking here

 Wlbridge accepting applications, apply online by clicking here

Roll Call Dates 2018

March 1-7

June 1-7

September 1-7

December 1-7

Vacation Checks

If a member has had vacation check direct deposited in the past and wishes to stop direct deposit please contact office before October 1,2017

If a member wants to have vacation check direct deposited for the December Distribution, the cut off date is October 1, 2017 Contact Local or stop by for a form. 

If member wants monthly dues withdrawn from vacation checks member would have to be paid through December 2017 before October 1, 2017. Contact Local or stop by for a form.

Payment By Credit Card

We can currently process credit card payments via phone. Just call the hall at (313) 894-2241 and speak with one of the office staff.

Referral List

Every member who is looking for work must call, or come to the Local Union Office on Mondays between 1 and 4 p.m. and put their name on the out-of-work list. You must have an out-of-work skills sheet filled out and on file in order to be referred out for work by this Local Union.

Also be advised, per the out-of-work list rules,all members on the list must re-register your availability for work every quarter and do so within the first (1st) five (5) days of the following Roll Call months: March, June, September and December. Your failure to do so will result in your name being removed from the referral list.

*Example: If your name is on the list in April and/or May and you don’t re-register by June 5th, your name will be removed from the list.


Save Time & Money

No more checks or money orders to mail, no more worry if dues get to the Local Union in time. Your monthly dues can be deducted from your vacation check and sent directly to the Local Union.

Please stop by the office to get one of the forms or you may call the office at (313) 894-2241 to have one mailed to you. We have forms for both Michigan Laborers’ and Metropolitan Detroit Laborers.

Right to Work: Wrong for Michigan


Extremists in Michigan are trying to bust your Union! Despite its misleading title, so-called “Right to Work” laws do not guarantee anyone gainful employment and does not protect workers. In fact, “Right to Work” does the opposite! Workers in “Right to Work” states earn significantly less than workers in free bargaining states, workers have less health care in “Right to Work” states, and “Right to Work” states have a nearly 55% higher fatality rate on job sites. “Right to Work” is wrong for Michigan and wrong for Union Laborers and their families.

Help fight back! Visit to learn more.