Mission Statement

Our Business manager

Mr. Michael Aaron
Business Manager since May 2009

Michael Aaron joined Laborers’ Local 1191 in 1984 when he began working in the Construction Industry. In 1988, he was hired in as a Business Agent by deceased Business Manager, Elijah Washington. Aaron has served the Local Union as Recording Secretary as well as being elected President of the Local Union in 1994.

In addition to his duties as Business Agent and President, he also served as Assistant Business Manager under Jimmy Cooper. When Mr. Cooper retired in 2009, Aaron was installed to fulfill Cooper’s unexpired term of Business Manager. In June of 2010, Michael Aaron was elected Business Manager by the members of Laborers’ Local 1191.

As Business Manager of Michigan’s largest Laborers’ Union, Aaron’s duties consist of but are not limited to upholding the constitutions of LIUNA, to see that the business and affairs of the Local Union are being properly conducted, to protect the Laborers’ jurisdiction, enforcement of all agreements, to protect the rights of the hardworking members of the Local Union, organizing non-union contractors, and securing fair wages and benefits through collective bargaining.


Michael Aaron is:

  • A member of Laborers' Local 1191's Executive Board 
  • President of the Michigan Laborers’ District Council
  • Chairman of the Laborers’ Pension Trust Fund, Detroit and Vicinity, and the Laborers’ Vacation & Holiday Fund
  • Trustee on the Laborers’ Local 1191 LECET Fund, the Michigan Laborers’ Pension, Health Care, and Vacation Funds
  • Trustee on the Laborers’ Metropolitan Detroit Health Care Fund
  • Trustee on both the Michigan Laborers’ and Laborers’ Metropolitan Joint Delinquency Committees
  • Vice President of Metropolitan AFL-CIO
  • Board Member on the Metropolitan Affairs Coalition (MAC) Board of Directors
  • Board Member on the Mayor of Detroit's Workforce Development Board
  • Board Member on the Mayor of Detroit's Detroit Employment Solution Corporation
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation
  • Member of the Detroit Economic Growth Association.

Michael Aaron has served as:

  •  President of the Black Caucus Foundation of Michigan
  •  Delegate to the Michigan State Building and Construction Trades Council
  •  Executive Board Member of the Detroit Branch of the Building Trades Council 
  •  Board Member on the Detroit Public Schools Bond Oversight Committee
  •  Board Member on the A. Philip Randolph Career and Technical Center’s Masonry Advisory Program
  •  Board Member on the Michigan Department of Transportation Workforce Diversity Committee
  •  Board Member onthe American Heart Association/My Heart-My Life.

"It’s never about me, but always has to be about the members of this great Local Union!" M. Aaron