**local 1191 is closed until further notice**


today, 03/23/2020, the governor signed the "stay home, stay safe" executive order (eo 2020-21, effective 03/24/2020) mandating the closure of all non-essential businesses in an effort to combat the widespread covid-19/corona virus.  due to the governor's mandate, the laborers' local 1191 union hall is  closed until further notice.


**AGAIN, until further notice, the local union hall is no longer open for business!!**  however, the business agents will remain available via phone to assist you. 


if you need to contact the local union hall for assistance, including to pay your local union dues, please leave a message.  we will return all messages at our earliest convenience. 



**if you are out of work due to the governor's "stay home, stay safe" executive order,please contact the michigan unemployment office for steps to obtain supplemental benefits.**


**if you are unable to pay creditors due to the governor's "stay home, stay safe" executive order, the local union suggests that you contact those creditors for potential deferral options.**


again, we can all do our part to stop the rapid spread of the covid-19/corona virus by doing the following:

(A) staying home unless it is essential to leave; 

(b) Washing your hands frequently;

(c) avoiding touching eyes, nose and mouth;

(d) if you must leave your home, practicing social distancing by remaining at least (6) Feet from others as much as you can; and

(e) seeking medical attention immediately if you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing.


we must all do our what we can to stop the spread of the corona virus! 

-Michael aaron (Business manager)













Welcome to Laborers' local 1191

Laborers’ Local Union 1191 is committed to protecting and improving the quality and security of our members’ working conditions and personal lives through pro-active representation, effective political action, and open communication, supported by education and training programs designed to empower Union members.


In all activities, Laborers’ Local Union 1191 will strive to uphold the democratic process of decision making and participation by the members.


General Election 2018

Our wages and benefits are under attack by our own state house & state senate. Senate bill SB-003 eliminates prevailing wages & house bill HB4052 would stop any local municipal government from passing any labor ordinances that would benefit working families! Like prevailing wages.

So if you have never been politically active, now is the time to start!!! Call your state rep. & state senator and tell them you do not agree with either of these bills and hope that they would vote against them. Call 517-373-2400 tell them where you live and they will connect you with them. Help protect our wages & benefits call today.

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We hold many important events and meetings throughout the year, including monthly membership meetings, retiree council meetings, our annual Labor Day parade, annual mid-state meeting, and more! For more information or to RSVP, take a look at our Events page.

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