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shaping our economy--what we buy makes a difference! 

--october 23, 2021 10am-12pm--

 sisters and brothers:

      Please tune in to this free virtual discussion about how you can shape the economy by what you buy!

     this virtual workshop discusses how legislation creates the global system, how the laws that protect workers are being weakened, the goal of the neoliberal agenda, and how our power can shape the system.

     during this virtual event, participants will take a deep dive into the ethical considerations of purchasing goods and services, why its imperative to make the effort, and how union-made and usa-made ties into those principles.

     the virtual consumer symposium is sponsored by the center for labor and community studies, and is open to the general public.

    to join the virtual zoom meeting, please click on the following link (or type it into your web browser):


      you may also call into the virtual symposium by dialing (312) 626-6799 and entering meeting id: 915 6375 4685.

        thank you!

        mike aaron, business manager


The BIpartisan infrastructure framework must pass today!


Sisters and brothers:

   it is time to put pressure on your congressperson to pass the $1 trillion dollar bipartisan infrastructure framework today!

   the time is now to create hundreds of thousands of good family-supporting jobs to rebuild our nation's infrastructure to the world-class standards we deserve!

   take action today by simply sending a ready-made message to your congressperson through clicking the following link set up by our international at!

   the message takes less than 30 seconds to craft and can make a huge difference in getting the $1 trillion dollar Bipartisan infrastructure framework passed!



-Michael Aaron (Business Manager) 


Welcome to Laborers' local 1191

Laborers’ Local Union 1191 is committed to protecting and improving the quality and security of our members’ working conditions and personal lives through pro-active representation, effective political action, and open communication, supported by education and training programs designed to empower Union members.


In all activities, Laborers’ Local Union 1191 will strive to uphold the democratic process of decision making and participation by the members.


General Election 2020

Our wages and benefits are under attack by our own state house & state senate. So if you have never been politically active, now is the time to start!!! Call your state rep. & state senator and tell them you do not agree with either of these bills and hope that they would vote against them. Call 517-373-2400 tell them where you live and they will connect you with them. Help protect our wages & benefits call today.

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