Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Laborers’ Local Union 1191 is committed to protecting and improving the quality and security of our members’ working conditions and personal lives through pro-active representation, effective political action, and open communication, supported by education and training programs designed to empower Union members.

In all activities, Laborers’ Local Union 1191 will strive to uphold the democratic process of decision making and participation by the members.

Laborers' Local 1191 received its charter from the Laborers' International Union of North America (LIUNA) on September 17, 1937. Today the Local represents more than 4,000 laborers across Michigan in the construction industry. The Local has jurisdiction over all aspects of construction work in Wayne and Macomb Counties for the Laborers Trade as claimed by LIUNA. This includes:

  • Cross-Country Pipeline Work
  • Distribution Work (Edison, Gas & Telephone)
  • Environmental Work (Asbestos, Lead & Hazardous Waste Materials)
  • General Construction Work (Private, Commercial and Industrial Buildings)
  • Heavy Construction Work (Underground Water & Sewer Line Installations, Manholes, Tunnels and Shafts)
  • Road Construction Work (Airport Runways, Bridges, Curbs & Gutters, Highways, Parking Lots & Garages, Railroads, Streets, and Sidewalks)
  • Landscape Work and Masonry Work

along with various other types of work within the Construction Industry.


Working in partnership with its Union Contractors, Local 1191 created its own Laborers'-Employers Cooperation and Education Trust (LECET). This fund created to promote Local 1191 and union construction, to educate and train members, and to help generate project and job opportunities for the membership.

We here at Laborers' Local 1191 have worked tirelessly over the years to negotiate excellent wages, pensions, and health insurance and vacation benefits for its members. The Local actively lobbies at the Federal, State and Local levels for favorable results with issues that affect its members, such as federal and state highway funding, unemployment benefits, construction safety and much more.

Laborers' Local 1191 is committed to continuing its proud history of dedicated service to its membership and the construction industry working to improve conditions now and well into the future.